Masters of the Universe

A battle fought in the stars, now… comes to Earth.


Somewhere on the other side of the universe He-Man and the heroes of Eternia are losing the war against Skeletor. Until the discovery of a weird little gnome guy and his Cosmic Key brings the battle to earth turning the tide for our muscular hero.

Buttonface Says…

I got to give it to this flick… it’s daring. It’s daring to think that The Masters of the Universe movie could be anything but terrible. (I have to admit, I recently watched the Power Rangers Movie and is was way less worse than I thought it would be… still bad, but way less bad.)

So, here’s the good.

This section is probably going to be short.

The effects were decent when you take the time into consideration. The whole look of planet Eternia was pretty cool. Kind of had a Dark Crystal vibe that I was digging. It had Billy Barty in it. Gotta love that. It had Meg Foster as Evil-Lyn. Gotta love those eyes. Finally, I have to say there is something fun about these 80s fantasy movies… and fantasy movies in general. We get so few of them.

Buttonface Character He Man

And the Bad.

Practically the whole thing was just terrible. Not sure how they got one of my friends dad’s from grade school to play man-at-arms. I couldn’t tell who he reminded me of until the scene where he’s sitting in the dirt eating a bucket of chicken, then I was like. Oh yeah, it’s totally Mr. White!

Also, while the aesthetic of Eternia was good, as soon as they hit earth the whole film, set wise, looked like a cross between Troll and the first Leprechaun movie (The one with Jennifer Aniston)

The movie really couldn’t decide who it was for. The look begged for more and some of the ideas were verging on grown up, but it was whittled down for the youngest of ages.


I haven’t really come up with a rating system yet, but if I had to come up with something, I would give this movie three kicks in the ass for making this crap and one pat on the back for at least trying.

If your a fanboy of nerd culture don’t miss this. If not? Avoid Masters of the Universe at ALL COSTS!