This is the End

Nothing ruins a party like the end of the world.

Summary of This is the End

Jay and Seth are on their way to a party at James Franco’s house. Jay is Seth’s old friend and Seth is interested in getting his old friend and new friends all together. Jay is not quite as interested, but gives it a shot anyway.

While at the party Jay and Seth walk to the store to get cigarettes. At the convenience store there is an earthquake and Jay sees people get Raptured. They run back to the party but nobody there knows what’s going on.

After a hole opens in the front yard that swallows most of the party-goers they figure out that it is the apocalypse and they have to survive through it at which point a bunch of funniness and mayhem occur.

Buttonface Character

Buttonface Says…

This is the End 2013

This movie was a fun combination of hilarious and horrific. My wife and kids went and saw this in theaters and we’re going off about it ever since. None of them are the sort to watch a movie twice but, they were all willing to watch it again just to get me to go.

The movie is definitely more comedy and horror. It’s scares were few and far between but, the laughs seemed to be constant.

This is the End

It’s not hard to get fancy effects these days and this movie was chock full of impressive ones. It had everything that you could want in a comedic-horror movie, from demon rapings to doomsday prepping.

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