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When a couple moves into an apartment to start a family they have some complications, including an old woman with leached and devil symbols under the wall paper, and they still stay there.

Buttonface Says…

The beginning is a bit of an expectations rolloer coaster. Its got a ghetto title screen, then some good actors like Costas Mandylor and Dee Wallace… then it does that loopty loop where you’re not sure if its a good or bad thing that Eric Roberts is in it. Dont get me wrong, Roberts is always cool, but he has been in some stinkers. But, TBF, with an IMDB page as long as his, a few stinkers are to be expected.

Then the acting happens. It’s all close quarters with heavy handed camera filters. Okay, so now we know. This is low budget schlock. But, is it a low budget schlock gem or a schlock turd. Well, I’m about to find out.

Line writing is subpar, but it always is in these movies. You know the lines, where men are men and only care about food and fucking and women are women and only care about babies and the past… and sometimes also fuckin’.

So, I watched it and it was terrible. Probably a good nighttime movie to nod off to, kinda like the horror movie version of CSPAN. I appreciate a good effort, and it was a good effort, but the script was lame. Sorry folks, best to just move on and leave this one to die.

More cogitations on 2014’s 2 Bedroom 1 Bath:

  • The comlex they live is called Casa Bonita
  • Also, Casa Bonita looks a lot like Melrose Place.
  • Another stinker for Eric Roberts : (
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