Death Note



One day while walking around his school a young man named Light he sees a book fall from the sky. Turns out anybody’s name that you write in the book will die of, apparently, natural causes.

The book was dropped into the human world by a demon that was looking to entertain himself and Light is perfectly pleased trying to clean up the crime and corruption in the world by using the Death Note.

But the cops have started to figure out that there’s more than just randomness involved here and they bring in an expert…

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Buttonface Says…

Ryuk and Light from Death Note

Ryuk and Light from Death Note

I, just like a lot of other people, was brought back into the fold of anime via Death Note. Most of my experience with episodic anime was through mecha and older anime that had been turned into kids shows during the 80’s. I had, however, been regularly exposed to shows like Dragon Ball Z, Macross and many of the films that made it to mainstream America.

Most of my exposure to episodic anime had been disappointing but, I learned that I hadn’t really given it much of a chance during my adult years.

L the Investigator from Death Note

L the Investigator from Death Note

Death Note exposed me to the more intellectual side of episodic anime. The show grabed me an and kept me there through all 37 episodes without a complaint.

Hardcore anime fans nowadays find a love of Death Note to be the sign of a noob. I find the idea of judging an art form off of what other people think of it to be ridiculous. Death Note was a good show and deserves its place in anime history.