The Beast

Summary Two homicide detectives are on a hunt in the mountainous woods for a killer whose...


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Night of the Living Dead

A group of people get trapped inside a rural farmhouse during an all out zombie apocalypse in this first of a legendary series by famed horror movie director/producer George A. Romero. Will they team up to survive or will tensions lead them into the teeth of a insatiable horde.


Is he crazy or superhuman? David Haller must decide if he needs help or to help the world in this Marvel Comics adaptation.

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American Fable

American Fable 2017   Summary A young girl in a small farming community befriends a man that...

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The Ritual

The Ritual 2017   Summary After the death of one of their compatriots, a group of friend go...

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Slasher is an anthology horror series, each season covering a different story of a slasher hunting a group of people. The series pays homage to slasher films of the nineteen 70s, 80s and 90s.

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Stranger Things

When a psychic experiment opens a portal to another world it’s up to 4 kids and a few adults to stop the entities coming through and, with any luck, to close the rift for good.

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