ButtonfaceFor a long time I had the plan of building a horror fan website. I did some work here and there, wrote some reviews and got some stuff together. Nothing really happened until I realized I had a bit of a problem.

I’m either getting old or I watch too many horror films, because I’m starting to not be able to remember which ones I’ve seen and which ones I ain’t. So, I got my S*** in gear to create a website with the main purpose of keeping track of the movies I have seen.

Now I realize there are many movies on this site yet. Luckily, the web site plan coincides with my plan too re-watch and review everything that I have ever watched and enjoyed. As much as I’m into, just about everything, horror is probably the main focus of this website. I am a strong consumer of all things horror.

So this is it, my horror site, to help me figure out what the hell I’m watching next. How you got here and why you took the time to read this page I’ll never know…

My love for horror began when I was about 9 years old. I had recently discovered that I did not like going to school. So, I would fake being sick a lot. Faking being sick leaves you at home for about 8 hours by yourself with nothing to do. Luckily for me just down the street there was a VHS movie rental store.

I would rent all kinds of movies trying to figure out what exactly I was into. I knew I liked science fiction and fantasy, of course, I was probably about 10 this point, and then I found the horror section.

You see, back in those days nobody really cared who was renting what. So, I would rent tons of R rated movies and bring him home and watch them by myself and lo and behold what did I discover in those movies..? a whole lot of nudity. I was 10 in 1986. If you are familiar with low budget horror of the day that you know, there’s a lot of naked people in there.

So when you couple the breasts with my budding preteen sexuality, needless to say I went through a lot of horror movies very quickly. I jokingly like to say that the first naked woman I ever saw was in the shining.

I was never dumb kid, so as years went on and my interest became a more refined, I found myself liking horror for more and more reasons. this landed me in a situation where I went from being a potentially cool kid who was into seeing some boobs to a very nerdy kid who had seen every movie with Christopher Lee.

At that point and every day forward I started absorbing all things horror.

What do I like about horror? What I like about horror is the fantasy. I’ve had a hard time over the years with other horror fans trying to get me into the gore or watching things like Faces of Death with real people dying. I’m not all that interested in actually watching real people die. I want to go on a fantastic roller coaster and hold on to my seat and, at the end say, “Wow, that was cool!”