A group of scientists in the U.K. discover time anomalies that open portals to various points in the past. Now they are tasked with trying to close them and stop anything that may be trying to get through.

“Rex! I swear, when I catch you, you’re gonna be the first animal to become extinct twice!”

Buttonface Says…

For years I’d given up on TV is a medium or any sort of art form. I got a new guy working with me down at the office and he is a huge fan of TV. It’s all he watches. He doesn’t watch any movies… which I find to be utterly shocking, but whatever. At that point the only TV show that I was into really was Quatermass, a great old British science fiction serial that’s been running off and on for decades.

Buttonface Character

I must admit it’s not uncommon at times in my life for me to feel completely lost. In fact it might be fair to say that that’s the norm. I become accustom to it, so I don’t actually follow people… I just kind of wander around and do nothing. So the evolution of my wandering has been “If you don’t have a dream to follow, well, try following somebody else’s”. My buddy, Blake, was a television nut so I decided to follow his dream… which was to watch a lot more television.

As is my odd nature, I picked a bunch of television shows that nobody watched it but me. Blake had never seen any of them, including Primeval.
Needless to say I fell back in love with TV. I loved this show. Man the British know how to do it. With literately the budget of a TV episode here in the US they created a show relying on the old fashioned method. Storytelling and acting.

If your into quality effects and stunts? Run away. If you like good scifi TV like only the Queen’s Commonwealth can make? You just found a gem.