Night of the Living Dead

No love story, no hero, no heroine, no message, no questions, no answers. JUST TERROR which gnaws at your very being…


A group of people get trapped inside a rural farmhouse during an all out zombie apocalypse in this first of a legendary series by famed horror movie director/producer George A. Romero. Will they team up to survive or will tensions lead them into the teeth of a insatiable horde.

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I Am Legend by Richard Matheson

I Am Legend by Richard Matheson

The movie spawned multiple sequels and an untold number of rip-offs and homages. The ripoffs irritated a lot of folks at the time which is funny because the movie is an arguable ripoff and an arguable homage to Richard Matheson’s, I am Legend.

That being said, there’s not much to say about Night of the Living Dead that hasn’t been written a thousand times over. while not the first undead apocalyptic movie, it was definitely the first to make a huge name for the genre and kicked off the pop culture phenomenon.

I like, most of my cohorts, loved this film and loved all that is done for zombies in horror movies. Prior to this movie, zombies were somewhat campy in their portrayal. George Romero turned the zombie apocalypse into a believable scenario that we all can fear late at night while watching our televisions.

For me personally, Night of the Living Dead shows me that any jackass with a camera can make a great film. It has inspired me to someday pursue my dream of making low-budget horror movies. I haven’t gotten very far, but you can thank Night of the Living Dead for getting me as far as I’ve gotten.

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