Looking to Get Caught Up on Horror Movies this Weekend

A man digging a grave with a backhoe

As If This is Not the Goal Every Weekend

My life has been very stressful as of late, which is somewhat horrific in itself. Lots of work, Mrs Buttonface, & a lot of little Buttonfaces running around… not to mention all the company.

This weekend our plan is to take it as easy possible. So it seems like a great time to catch up on the movie watching.

Horror Movies

The Last Exorcism Part 2 (2013)On the horror movies front, I’m currently halfway through the Last Exorcism Part 2… an obnoxious name I know. How can there be a second last exorcism? But, I’m Way into the flick.


Highschool of the DeadOn the anime front my buddy, Blake, has suggested I watch High School of the Dead. This is good because I have been looking for an anime to watch with “I was a teenage button face”, my daughter. I’ve been told this might be on Netflix but, it turns out that it’s not. I hate downloading anime for two reasons. First, there tends to be a lot of episodes so it’s a big download. Second, the download gets even bigger because these anime nuts think they need the highest quality rips. It’s either some techno pissing match or my daughter tells me it’s so that they can make kick ass animated GIFs. Either way, I tend to avoid it.


The Buttonface BluesSo the main focus of this weekend will be to work on the website. Some of you may know that I created this website to help me track all the movies that I’ve seen. The sheer volume of films has started to become unmanageable. To movie fanatics this may sound like bragging… it is not bragging. It makes me think of all the walks I didn’t take, all the time I didn’t spend with my family and all the jobs that I did not pursue… but what can you do?