The Flash

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Barry Allen returns to the small screen in the 2014 incarnation of the DC Comics hero, the Flash. In this incarnation the flash is created by an explosion at Star Labs as are most of the other Meta Humans with powers.

Buttonface Says…

This is a guilty pleasure, but comics always have been. If you really think about it, all comics are are soap operas targeted at boys… and The Flash is no different. Right down to the eerie similarities between The Flash and his buddies coffee shop hang out and The Peach Pit from Beverly Hills 90210.

But I did start out by saying that this was a guilty pleasure and it still is. Good mindless stuff to do other stuff to.

Buttonface Character The Flash

October 7, 2014 to May 19, 2015 on The CW (23 Episodes)

Season one starts off from Barry Allen’s first appearance on the Arrow Episode, The Scientist (Arrow Season 2 Episode 8). Barry leaves Starling City and heads back to Central City. When he gets back to his lab “The Accident” happens. In season one we are introduced to the cast and the formula for the show.

In season one we learn Barry Allen’s (The Flash) backstory. It is fairly similar to the comic back story.

I really feel that shows like this can sum their seasons up by their main antagonist. In season one the main villain is Eobard Thawne (aka Reverse-Flash), probably the the Flash’s greatest enemy in his rogue’s gallery. I understand that shows like this have to throw it all out there in season one because they ever know if there will be a season two, but I really appreciate it when they save the main baddy for further down the road.