The Defenders


Everyone’s favorite collection of Netflix Marvel heroes team up to save New York City in this action packed super powered free for all. Join Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist and they take on The Hand.

Buttonface Syas…

Man people complain a lot. Nothing seems to be good enough for folks anymore. But, that’s why I’m here. I like it all.

My buddy Jason put it best when talking about people complaining about Suicide Squad. He said something to the effect “Can you imagine how ape-shit we would have gone as kids if they had been putting this stuff out”… and he was right.

Buttonface Character Iron Fist Danny Rand

This stuff is cool. Did I want more action? Yes. Did I want more powers? yes. But wanting more is the sign of having a good time and I had a good time watching The Defenders.

We get to see four great characters team up and have a karate kick ass party against ancient supernatural ninjas. Not only that but we get 8 hours of it filmed at a level that could have hit theaters.

So I say, screw off. The Defenders was rad.