Is he crazy or superhuman? David Haller must decide if he needs help or to help the world in this Marvel Comics adaptation.


Buttonface Says…

This show is a trip. I don’t mean like a road trip… or like an adventure. This show is like an acid trip.

It’s not often that you get a show with visuals and everything with an “unreliable” narrator/main character. The creators do a great job of having us follow, and slowly piece together, the memories, lies and the realities of the main character, David/Legion.

There have been lots of shows that liked to keep us guessing while epic weirdness abounds (Lost comes to mind). But, they tend to lose sight of a cohesive story in the mess.

Legion does a fantastic job of taking us on a rollercoaster through David’s entire existence from the cerebral to the physical and thru space and time… and they do it with a plot you can follow and characters you can like… Imagine that?