Until today, it remains unexplained.


A teen angst ridden experiment with a Ouija Board leads to a teen angst ridden demonic possession to the nth degree for a girl in madrid in this retro-modern take on “the devil makes me do it”.

Buttonface Says…

This movie was introduced to me as the new “Scariest Movies where people can’t finish it or pass out with fear” movies… Apparently, that exists. Whenever I read a review of something like this it becomes painfully clear that people will believe anything they read. If anyone ever passed out from fear from a fictional movie IMO they are either lying or need some serious counseling.

That being said, I went into the movie, aware that people are known to “exaggerate”.

As an old ass movie nerd, I suffer from some issues that other movie nerds might not. One being that when the world finds something new it tends to be that it was floating around in the underground for years or decades.

This is the case with Veronica. If you are familiar with Italian or Spanish horror films since the 1970s this movie will not come as much of a surprise. If you aren’t… it might.

The movie is good. Well acted, cool retro modern direction, and it has some great fighting visuals. It will not, however, make you pass out from sheer evil exposure, but it does as good a job at trying as any good horror flick.

I should also note that it was nice to see a possession film that didn’t constantly remind me of The Exorcist in one way or another.