Television shows are obviously a powerful force in today’s culture. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of a large amount of television. I find that television constantly disappoints me. Of course, television shows disappoint me for the obvious reasons… like being so heavily advertisement driven, lower production quality, too many chefs in the kitchen and all that.

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But, my main issue with television is not disappointment but, disillusionment. My love of storytelling is being taken on a roller coaster ride. At the end of my roller coaster ride I get off and I think “That was amazing and is was amazing that somebody built that and sent me on that ride”. However, It seems like every time I get into a show they go off the air, normally leaving me with little or no resolution to the story.

The seasons are ended on a high note in the hopes that they will be picked up for the next season. When they are not picked up for the next season this leaves me floating on a high note with no hope of ever finding out the rest of the story. I want to be told the story, I don’t want to be told half a story.

My ultimate disappointment in this matter came when I found out they started to make a TV series of the book series The White Mountains. I was so excited and I got about 3 episodes in before I found out that they didn’t even complete first season. The White Mountains was one of my favorite books when I was a child and I found it nostalgically devastating that the series was not completed.

Currently I’m having that issue with Primeval and Primeval: New World. I love, and have seen, every episode of both of the series. There is a lot of hearsay and rigmarole about new seasons and feature films… none of which left me with the slightest bit of confidence that any of this will happen.

So, here I have been left with a story that spans all of time, human existence and the entire existence of life on the planet, not to mention the the personal relationships of scores of characters and I will probably never know an even slight resolution to the story. This is my disillusionment with television. This is why you can’t trust your TV.

I think with a few tweaks of a couple of words I can probably be summed up in Public Enemy’s song How to Kill a Radio Consultant.